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Defence School Mentor


Ashtonfield Primary School understands the unique needs of students with a parent or parents in the Australian Defence Force. We have a Defence School Mentor (DSM) to support our Defence students and their families. It is important for these families to make connections and to integrate within our school and the wider community.

Our Defence students look forward to afternoon teas provided by our Ashtonfield DSM where they can meet and connect with other students from Defence families. Each term there is a coffee morning for Defence parents and also an out of school event for the whole family.

Defence students are given extra support during parental absence. They are checked upon during lessons and during lunch times in the playground to ensure they are coping with having a parent away.

At Ashtonfield Public School we welcome parent involvement and are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any aspect of the Defence student’s wellbeing and educational journey.

Our Defence School Mentor is a Defence spouse, a member of the Army Reserves and a mother of three and as such, has a great understanding of the Defence lifestyle and all it entails.

The Defence School Mentor will assist defence students and their families in four key areas throughout their education and as they transition from one school to another.

The key areas are:

·         Welcoming

·         Integrating

·         Absence support

·         Farewelling

What benefits does the Defence School Mentor Program provide?

·         Facilitating a supportive educational environment for Defence families during times of change.

·         Establishing ongoing programs and resources for use during and beyond the life of the program.

·         Helping link Defence families into their local community.

·         Providing a conduit to education and community resources to support Defence children’s wellbeing.